The Show

Welcome to the Portsmouth Running Podcast! A show where we hear from runners in and around the Portsmouth area. Our guests share their own experiences and stories from their time running. We try and dig deep into those running questions we all like to ask and find out about all the highs and lows. Why a podcast about runners in Portsmouth specifically? Great question! I took the very first steps of my own running journey on Southsea seafront and since that time I have encountered so many amazing runners with such awesome stories and experiences that they have shared. Portsmouth has an healthy and well connected running scene and there is so much I’d love to ask all the runners. There’s fantastic benefit hearing other runners accounts of training and racing and there is always something to learn and new ideas to try. There might be struggles that some runners are going through in their lives that others locally are struggling with themselves and on the flip side to that, things that are going well for runners which they can share. Either way this show has been put together to have a show you can listen to in your own comfort and time or perhaps even while you are on your next run. Any comments you want to share or ideas for future guests would be great so if you can get in touch and email us at the links provided below and in our contact page. If you want to drop us a review on iTunes or via your podcast catcher, please feel free.

I want to also thank everyone involved in creating this show, from my friends who have helped with the logo and ideas, to my guests on the show. I also want to shout out to the band Belligerence who are a local Portsmouth based band who have let me use a piece of music from their track called “One Things Clear”.

The Host

My name is Daniel Del Piccolo. I feel so very fortunate to have found running. Although I started later in life, I have been making up for time lost in my early years, where I spent my time watching horror movies, playing video games and playing the highland bagpipes. Running has become a huge part of my life. Running has helped me. It has challenged me. It has helped heal me during hard times. It has given me confidence. It has given friendship. It has also at times stripped me bare and left me questioning myself during races, but it always swings about in a positive way. Much of that is down to the people I run with. Running has had such a hugely positive impact on my life as it has on many others too and so I want to enable the runners of Portsmouth to share their tales from the trails. I am a proud racer for Hoka One One whose shoes I am sure you’ll hear lots about during the shows for sure. It doesn’t take much for me to start my own story about Hoka shoes helped me avoid a lot of lower leg injuries I was getting with the mileage I was doing. If you ever want to find out more, please do get in touch via the links on the page, or hook up with me for a run whenever you see me out. I love chatting with other people in the running community so don’t feel shy to say hi and join me for some miles.

Lastly, thank you so much for listening in on the show. I hope everyone gets something out of it or just listens for the pure enjoyment.

Happy miles everyone. Time to fly! x