Episode 46 – Zoe Daligault

On this episode we go international! That’s right, our first two international guests as we welcome our featured guest Zoe Daligault who joins us all the way from the south of France. Zoe is a local Portsmouth resident who is shortly returning from a long stay in France and has been a runner most of her life and has had some of the most colourful experiences I’ve ever heard. I also share a very personal story and experience that I had in 2019 where a runner from the Philippines saved me from dropping out of the UTMB CCC race. I am pleased to welcome my friend Joseph Sibal onto the show especially to thank him and to revisit that race and experience that took place. It’s a wonderful and heart warming example of human kindness and the type of love that many of us runners share together. And to top off the show, Dave and I welcome our international UTMB correspondant (aka our friend and fellow runner), Stewart Liesham who tells us all about what is going on live from Chamonix, at this years UTMB.

[Show Notes]

Start – 8m25s: Daniel Introduction
8m25s – 23m30s: Daniel & Joseph Sibal
23m30s – 44m30s: Stewart Liesham from Chamonix
44m30s – End: Featured guest Zoe Daligault