Episode 45 – Mich Hardie

Welcome to episode 45 of the show, where we have a cracking discussion with Mich Hardie, who is a local Portsmouth based runner who has agreed to share his story. Mich has run since an early age, doing shop runs for family because he used to be able to get to the store and back so quickly. His passion for running has grown over the years, and seen him through a number of marathons and extremely long ultra races too. His running stats speak for themselves. Mich is an incredible experienced and talented runner whom many in the area will know.

On top of that, Daniel and Dave are pleased to announce the start of the shows video channel on YouTube. More engaging and interactive content due over the coming weeks and months, all born from the passion for the running and the amazing community down south. Daniel also shares his experience with barefoot running the Great South Run, and Dave tells us all about nearly losing an eye and some limbs from ‘Stabby stick Simon’. Enjoy the show everyone! x

[Show Timings]

Start – 26:00 : Daniel and Dave Introduction

26:00 – End: Mich Hardie