Episode 38 – Craig Downs from Mymo

Hello listeners and runners! A special episode today with CEO and Co-Founder of Mymo, Craig Downs. Craig joins us as our solo featured guest this week to tell us about a new technology being sold right now, which is helping runners identify the right shoes for their running style. In the interview Craig goes through all the details about the device itself and how easy it is to use. Bringing gait analysis into the home via an affordable technology. Mymo can be purchased for just £39.99, and on top of that it is completely re-usable! When you need new shoes, you just pop on the sock and go through the process again! It scans all running shoes and is not tied to any brand. Searching is completely sortable so you can even find the brand you want to run in, but Mymo will identify the right models for you, using machine learning algorithms.
Also, Dave is back on the show where we discuss topics ranging from our injury woes, to races, and from illegal road side dumping, through to body maintenance. Always great to catch up! We also announce our next give away which is in the podcast, and we will be posting about separately too. You can win a copy of the Lore of Running by professor Tim Noakes.
We will be back soon with another episode including some more great guests and featured Portsmouth runner too. Until then, happy miles everyone! x

[Show Notes]

Start to 24:15 – Introduction with Daniel and Dave
24:15 to End – Interview with Mymo CEO Craig Downs