Episode 36 – Hayley Newell & Cristian Lopez

Super happy to have had local running couple, Hayley and Cristian onto this weeks show to speak about their running, and a lot of focus on the Portsmouth area! Hayley and Cristian live together in the city and spend lots of time looping the island and running all the known routes around the city. Hayley has a love and incredible passion to keep returning to battle the marathon, and Cristian runs lesser distances, but is working his way up slowly, all while teaching martial arts in Portsmouth. Also on this weeks show, we have topical guest Fraser Cameron who introduces us to The Sports Barista coffee, designed purely with the primary focus of getting the most out of the caffeine to aid in performance. An interesting chat with Fraser about caffeine and the local coffee business. Wow Portsmouth is an interesting city, with so many interesting things going on. Dave and I catch up too, and we hear that Dave had got into this years UTMB TDS race! Enjoy the show everyone! x