Episode 34 – Louise Griffin

Happy New Year everyone! A fast start to the year for the podcast with a brand new episode to lead us into 2021 as we intend to go on. In todays episode I get to speak with our featured guest, Louise Griffin about her running journey which began as a just for fun activity in high school and carried on through her time in the army too. Once Louise settled in Portsmouth her running has gone from strength to strength, having completed her first marathons, ultra races and where she is now with training and preparing for her first ever 100 mile race. I am also joined on the show by Charlie Ryder-Morgan from Skins Compression, and Nick Morgan from Sports Integrated who come on to tell us about compression garments and their benefits.

Wishing all of our listeners a happy and healthy 2021 ahead! Happy miles all….x

Show Times:
[Start – 15:55] Introduction
[15:55 – 47:54] Skins Compression
[47:54 – End] Featured Interview with Louise Griffin