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I began piping in high school in South Africa when I was just thirteen years old. I was taught under Chris Mullinder who was an excellent teacher. Between Chris who taught new starters, and Gordon Ridgard who took the main band practices, I had a very strong grounding during my initial years piping. I competed in my junior band both for the band itself, and individually as a solo piper in various events. Since leaving school, I have competed in solo piping competitions in London and competed in different band grades too.

At present I am a member and the pipe sergeant of the Rose and Thistle Pipes and Drums. We are a parade band on the south coast. We wear the MacLean of Duart tartan.

Piping has become a big part of my life. I have travelled to some wonderful places with my pipes and made some great friends and contacts in the piping world. I have played at some interesting events from weddings to parties, theatre shows, television interviews and even piped for the launch of the Clipper Around the World Yacht race. I have composed a few of my own tunes, and even written specific music for people for their own special events.

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