About Me

I started piping when I was 13 years old in Johannesburg South Africa. I started seriously running when I was 37. Quite a contrast really. Two very different hobbies, but I believe they compliment each other quite nicely. The running clears my head but tires me out, and the piping fills my head back up, but is normally quite theraputic. I do have a wonderful family who are very supportive of my hobbies. Feel free to browse my blog posts which are categorized into piping and running for easy browsing.


My Piping


For those interested in my piping, I began learning in my high school pipe band under tuition of Chris Mullinder and Gordon Ridguard. All my years in the school band were spent competing. I count myself very fortunate to have had such strict but great tutors, and many band friends over the years who have helped teach and improve my skill. The learning never ends. I now live in the UK, have a family, and use a lot of my piping time teaching new players, writing my first piping book, and as Pipe Sergeant of the Rose and Thistle Pipe Band. I am extremely enthusiastic about my piping and have a real love for the music. You’ll find me at many gigs through the year, and have even managed to perform for the start of the Portsmouth marathon so I guess in more ways than one, the piping compliments the running.


My Running


I have run for a number of years now. I used to be a very casual runner at first, but since 2015 I have started taking it more seriously, but still at a casual and enjoyable level. I am extremely proud of my running achievements as I was never a very sporty person growing up. I have built up my distance running from zero, to a 100 mile ultra marathon – so far, and have managed PB’s that I am pleased with over various distances. I am a regular parkrun runner and volunteer and Event Director at Eastney Junior parkrun, which I absolutely love being a part of. I am addicted to running and believe it is the most wonderful form of exercise to do, as you need very little to do it, and your playground is anywhere you want it to be. I hope to continue my running as long as I can as I’ve made some great friends and fellow runners over the years.