The Coros Apex Running Watch

I’m not normally a reviewer of running related things but I’ve been meaning to write a post about the Coros Apex running watch. Mainly because a few people have asked me about it and how it’s been working out for me. “Coros whaaaaaat???” – I hear you. Coros are a brand I’d not heard of before I started looking for a new running watch earlier this year. So let me introduce you: Coros – You, You – Coros…


There it is in all its glory. A nice sized watch, extremely light and very simple to use. It has a proper quality feel to it. Before I go into the little bit of detail below I have to start by stating that I’ve never been a HEAVY functionality user when it comes to watches. By that I mean that I’ve never really needed music, programmable training modes, live traces etc, although this watch does most of those things anyways. I mainly use my running watch to keep track of pace during a run and to end up with a final gpx trace which is accurate in distance and elevation. I must always have my Strava post afterwards too so that is a compatibility must! Then I’m a happy runner. Previous to this I was a Garmin 225 user. I was mostly happy with that watch and Garmin until the Bluetooth broke on the watch. Garmin support were less than helpful for me and kept telling me – “oh that will be fixed in a later software release”. Nope. That never happened Garmin. It’s still broken years later. A lot of the newer running watches from Garmin have so many new features and things that baffle the hell out of me as to why they’d be on a running watch. I did look at the Suunto 9, mainly for its awesome battery life, but that came with a hefty price tag. So what were my criteria for a new running watch? What did I actually want from a watch? The answers to that question here in order:

1. Battery life – something that would last 100 miles+
2. Easy to use – I don’t want a watch I can program things for or get my email on.
3. Accuracy – it must be able to at least match on those Strava segments!
4. Price – I’ll pay a price up to a point but I don’t want to pay for features I’m never going to use.

I just wanted simple, with big battery and easy going price as I’m willing to go without all the nonsense extras that watches come with these days. Nice. After some hunting around I came across these Coros watches and soon learned that runners like Camille Herron, Harry Jones and Robbie Britton were using them. Hell, if the watches are good enough for them, how could it not work for me? I read a few reviews and everything seemed too good to be true. So I took the decision to buy one. The Coros Apex claimed a battery life, in full GPS accuracy and Heart Rate monitor mode, of 35 hours! Camille was super kind to give me a discount code too for a free strap (which I forgot to use annoyingly!). She also put my mind to rest with a load of useful information about the watch. I was reluctant at first to spend money on something other than a Suunto or Garmin. A few months on now and I’m so glad I bought it. It’s working out a treat. The Coros Apex is quite simply, reliable, easy to use, compatible with everything I need, fast, accurate and works really well. It has everything I need and more but isn’t overly loaded with the unnecessary things. One of Coros’ latest updates introduced a maps mode too so now I don’t have to worry too much about getting lost, although I rarely use that feature. It might come in handy though for some of my future distance races.


Negatives about the watch? It was hard to come up with anything, but just this week I found something that annoys me a bit. I carry a lot of bags into and out of work, and often on the weekends too when we’re lugging kids stuff around everywhere. Sometimes the little protruding turn dial on the watch which is used to navigate the menus can get caught on a strap. I wish this turn dial had been a few buttons instead. It’s a small gripe. Overall, if you want a watch that does it all, looks good, is light, lasts for ALL of your races and more, and you don’t want to spend an utter forture, give the Coros Apex a try. There is also a new version out called the Vertix.

Happy miles everyone!